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Tree Maintenance in Tampa Bay

Tree Maintenance Tampa Bay


– Beautiful trees can be one of the most appealing aspects of your property and can also provide shelter and shade from the intense rays of the Florida sun. But in order to make sure that pleasant aesthetic appeal lasts, and your home stays safe, proper tree maintenance is required.  At Payne’s Environmental, we offer full tree service in Tampa, Valrico, Brandon, Riverview, and surrounding Florida areas.

It is another sunny day in Tampa, Florida. You are prepared to spend the afternoon in the yard. Perhaps you will garden, lay by the pool, or play ball with the kids. Within a matter of seconds, your day is turned around when a large branch crashes to the ground. Payne’s will ensure that this scenario never happens to you. We have dedicated tree trimming and yard solutions that prevent accidents like this from happening. With our help, you will never have to stress over tree maintenance again. We offer quality, professional, safe, and dependable services all across the Bay area.

Just as you would not leave a weed to spread throughout the garden, you would not leave a dead branch within a thriving trunk. Proper maintenance and care should always be applied to avoid hazardous situations, to lengthen the longevity of your landscape, and to ensure quality is maintained for future sale and property value in Brandon.

  • Dying branches are unsafe and dangerous. Why wait for those dead branches to ruin your yard when you can have them properly managed with ease?

  • Branches that hang over rooftops will cause even more chaos when they fall. Avoid having to replace your roof by simply calling Payne’s.

  • Rotting branches are never pleasing to the eye. Molting and moldy wood will never be able to brighten up your space the way expert tree trimming can.

  • Decaying branches are a welcome call to dinner for local insects. Tending to your oaks and maples early on can help you avoid termite infestations and other swarming issues.

  • Here in Brandon, we are no strangers to high force winds. Hurricane season is the perfect opportunity for those dead limbs to go right through your windows. Shut out the possibility of shattered glass by giving us a call.

  • Many Florida homeowners are accustomed to having pools within their yards. Do not let dead overhang become your next pool toy.

Causes of Decay

There are many culprits when it comes to the deterioration of trees. You may find that it is surprisingly crucial for you to understand which one you are dealing with. Certain measures must be taken as they pertain to different issues. You have to make sure you are treating the right symptoms with the proper measures, like tree trimming, and equipment. We are here for you to ensure the proper evaluations take place. Trees may succumb to decay through:

  • Termites or other insects

  • Wood mold

  • Too much rainwater

  • Heavy foliage, due to lack if maintenance

  • Lack of exposure to sunlight

  • Crippling moss that suffocates limbs

  • Nesting or foraging caused by squirrels and birds

  • Other diseases known to infiltrate wood


What Equipment is Necessary for Tree Trimming?

We know our clients are equipped with tools such as axes, clippers, and maybe even an electric saw. However, simply owning equipment does not make it the correct equipment for tree trimming. Understanding what you need and how to utilize it is our job. Payne’s crew of professionals in Brandon are certified and trained in all areas of landscaping. We bring the tools, the expertise, and the hard work. Whatever is needed, we can provide. Payne’s is also proud to support eco-friendly services to all residential and community properties. We understand that the world is shifting its thoughts where environmental concerns are involved. Payne’s has morphed alongside its clientele to ensure customer satisfaction while maintaining global awareness.

Leave it to the Professionals at Payne’s

Payne’s offers passionate and supportive tree trimming services in Brandon. While we trust your ability to produce exquisite landscapes, it is our job to set your mind at ease through professional advice, evaluations, and work. We can assess whether you need tree trimming, pruning, or if the root of the issue is deeper. Infestation may not be apparent, but we know how to test each case carefully. There are several types of pruning techniques such as thinning, topping, raising, and reduction. Payne’s is here to discover exactly which one applies to your yard care. Your safety is always our concern. Our skilled workers will keep you and your loved ones safe by preventing the damage and applying solutions.

If you are seeking expert tree maintenance in Tampa and s, please give us a call at (813) 677-6822. Our arborists look forward to serving you today.


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