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– Hiring an experienced tree cutting company is crucial for the safety of your home and its surroundings. Although their long, strong trunks and colorful leaves provide us with both shade and beauty, sometimes trees can be dangerous. It may be time to consider trimming or removing one if it’s too close to the home or showing signs of deterioration. Our trained arborists are prepared to assess if you are in a path of danger.

Signs That You Need Tree Trimming or Removal

Seeking help from our professional tree cutting company in Tampa is necessary in most cases. While the health benefits to us and our planet are high, there are signs that it’s time for tree removal or trimming for safety precautions. Some instances of mandatory tree removal include:


A dead tree is serious business and poses as an equally serious threat. It could fall over and destroy anything it surrounds at any given moment.

Declining Health

If you notice branches or large dead branches leaning back then these are signs of slow death.

Severe Storm Damage

Sometimes the trunk, branches, or other portions get severely damaged due to weather. If it is beyond repair then it is time to part with it.


Signs of disease include visible white portions and decay. Disease can spread to other plants and destroy further landscape. It is crucial to remove diseased foliage immediately.

While these are the extreme cases where complete removal is necessary, there are reasons that pertain to future threats. Our professional tree cutting company in Tampa will consult with you with the best possible solution prior to deciding on complete removal.


There are more subtle instances where we would recommend removal or trimming:

Short Distance from Property

While providing shade, there is an extreme hazard associated with having trunks and limbs too close to the home. If too close to the home, other buildings, utility lines, or pools then there is a potential threat if a collapse occurs. Upon consultation our certified arborists can inform you of safe distances based on the size and species.


Our experienced arborists can determine whether the trunk is leaning towards your home or other structures. If any property is being targeted then removal will be advised.

Exposed Roots

There are instances where exposed roots could lead to foundation and utility issues in the future. Our experts can assess if you roots are heading in a path of destruction.

Payne’s Environmental Tree Cutting Company

Our trusted tree cutting company is here to provide Tampa area residents with the best possible solutions and services. While there are more serious instances of recommended tree removal or trimming, there are aesthetic aspects to adhere to as well.


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