It’s about 48 inches in diameter and sticks out of the ground about six inches… and it’s been there since you bought the house. It’s pretty close to the house but since it was in the backyard you didn’t think it was an urgent matter to attend to. So, obviously, you ended up forgetting about it.

Until one night last week when your kids and the neighbor’s kids were playing hide and seek in the backyard and one of the neighbor’s kids tripped on the huge tree stump and broke their arm. Now you have a law suit requiring you to pay the medical bills. You realized too late you should have called a tree stump removal company in Tampa.

Tree stumps should never be ignored, and liability issues are just one of the many reasons you should get rid of them. Tree stumps are ugly, and even if you think they are hidden in the backyard, they are trouble waiting to happen. In addition to being a downright eye-sore, a neglected tree stump will rot and attract insects like ants and subterranean termites that can eventually infest your house if the stump is in close proximity. As the scene described above suggests, they can be dangerous. You should call a local Tampa Tree Service Company to make sure your stump is removed properly and thoroughly.

Removing a tree stump yourself has never been advised since burning it is illegal in Florida, and if you try doing it yourself without the special machinery required, it is virtually guaranteed that you will regret it and ending up calling for the help of a professional anyway.

In addition to the specialized machinery and tools required to thoroughly remove a tree stump, a professional knowledge of arboriculture is required. Otherwise, if you try it yourself you’re probably in for some headaches, hours of hard work and unnecessary expenses without understanding whether you did the job as well as it should be done.

To remove tree stumps safely and completely, call the professionals at Payne’s Environmental now at 813-677-6822 or visit their website for more information:

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