Land clearing in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, and Lakeland is no different than anywhere else. In these locales, cleared land will be developed, and commercial or residential buildings will go up in the place of land that was previously covered by brush and trees.

The size of the trees and other shrubs on the land are important factors in determining the equipment you will need. Will you need chainsaws, backhoes, bulldozers, or other heavy equipment?

The size of the lot or lots to be cleared will also figure this decision. If you have quite a bit of acreage, you will need to clear a temporary road to allow your equipment to get onto the lot. Expertise is required to preserve the topsoil. Bulldozing every tree in sight will play havoc with the topsoil. Destroyed topsoil results in excessive runoff, which is an environmental harm; the soil that is left is much less hospitable to any new landscaping. If the landowner wishes to preserve existing plants and trees, then extra care will be needed to save these.

Land clearing in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, and Lakeland is not a simple proposition. It will pay in the long run to hire a firm with trained arborists, access to equipment and trained operators — a firm that can do the job cost effectively, and with minimal environmental harm. Call Payne’s Environmental Services LLC at 813-512-8656.

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