There is an incredibly sharp turn in my apartment complex with a convenient tree right on the edge of just in case you’re feeling adventurous want to play a game of chicken. Last weekend, someone finally took the tree up on the offer. As you can imagine, the tree won. Unfortunately it was not without some serious damage to the trunk and branches, not to mention the car! So a few days later, the apartment supervisors decided the tree needed to be cut down to avoid safety hazards and future collisions. Now we have an uprooted stump sitting where the tree used to be. Clearly they needed a company in Tampa for tree stump grinding.

While you may think getting rid of a stump is easy, anyone who has tried to burn a stump can tell you that it’s a lot harder than it looks. A stump does, after all, hold up an entire tree, so it has to be sturdy! Payne’s Environmental has all the equipment for tree stump grinding in Tampa! Their certified arborists will demolish even the biggest of stumps quickly and efficiently. If a stump isn’t ground up immediately after being removed from the ground, then it will start to decay. This leaves other trees in the surrounding area open to infestation and disease.

Don’t wait another minute letting a stump rot in your yard or you could have a bigger problem than a stump on your hands! A stump is a major eye sore for any lawn and yard. Payne’s Environmental is the best company in Tampa for tree stump grinding. Give them a call today for your free estimate and to learn more about their other tree services! (813) 677-6822

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