Next to my home is this beautiful tree. It sure gives my home a little something extra to look at. This oak sits next to my home, so it is in front of my pool and behind my carport. Every summer, I have to take extra care of my pool because of the debris that falls into my pool from the tree. I don’t really mind it, though; I just wish it were in a different location. One particularly nasty night, I heard a loud thud coming from right outside my home. Afraid of what I would find, I tiptoed outside and found a large branch from the tree had fallen not even a foot from my car. I knew then and there that I would need tree clearing in Tampa.

I was sad to think about my tree going, but knew that I couldn’t risk the lives of myself or my family because I was overly attached to a tree. First thing in the morning I called Payne’s Environmental and told them about the situation. They promised they would be out later that day to remove it. As the morning ended, I got a knock on my door. These men were so professional, I knew I made the right decision for my tree clearing in Tampa.

While watching them remove this tree, I decided that I would plant my own tree in the front yard. Sometimes it is just time for a new beginning. After watching the process they went through, I knew this was not something I was equipped to handle myself. The men were experienced and professional and didn’t seem to have any problems removing that tree. I am so happy with the service that Payne’s provided. If you ever find yourself in need of tree clearing in Tampa, don’t hesitate to call Payne’s Environmental at (813) 677-6822.

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