It is that time of year in Brandon, when you worry about all of the work you will need to do on your lawn, including all necessary tree services. You can easily see how your grass endures stress during the summer since it starts turning brown when you forget to water it, or don’t give it enough when it’s hotter out. Similarly, your trees – the ones keeping you cool in their shade – can also suffer when the temperature spikes.


Here are some ways to keep trees in good health:

  • Thinning: It helps to shape the limbs and deter growth if desired. This can benefit both your foliage and your wallet as they will need less water, making them better suited to withstand the heat. You will see longer lasting results when this tree service is done in late spring and early summer.

  • Pruning: It is storm season in Brandon. To help avoid costly damage to your property, you want to ensure that weak or unhealthy branches are taken care of before they fall. Some species should not be pruned during the summer because it can do more damage than good, but it is good timing for those that flower in the spring. This will also encourage future growth.

  • Removal: If you have a stump that is diseased or infested by insects, it should be removed for safety reasons. It is possible that the malady may spread to other unaffected plants. Tree services are also a good idea even if it is healthy because the roots can continue to grow, and they can damage sidewalks, driveways, and even pools.

  • Support: If the sapling you recently planted isn’t strong enough to withstand the summer downpours, this will keep it in the ground until it can hold its own. It can also aid older, healthy trees in remaining rooted when the weather gets rough. Keeping them safely planted will help keep your Brandon home safe.


It may seem easy, but improper pruning can lead to topping, which can cause permanent and irreparable damage. Having someone with knowledge and expertise handle the clippers will save you time and money. They are also better suited to determine whether or not your arbor can be saved, and the best way to do so.

To schedule an appointment for tree services or an evaluation of your Brandon landscape, contact Payne’s Environmental Services or call (813) 777-5894.

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