A few years before Hurricane Katrina roared past the Tampa Bay area, a particularly nasty storm snagged my family’s 20 year old orange tree and ripped it right out of the ground. The poor thing had supplied us with limitless orange juice my whole life, and now it’s huge bulk just laid there on its side across our driveway. It wasn’t easy to find an available company who does storm cleanup in Tampa on a short notice. We did though, lucky for us, because we couldn’t get the car out of the carport!a

Hurricanes and tropical storms can do massive damage to an owner’s property, and it doesn’t take a tornado to do it. A tropical storm can contain wind speeds of up to 153 kilometers/hour (73mph) with hurricanes clocking over 252 kilometers/hour (157mph)! Even a tropical storm can snap off large limbs and uproot shallowly rooted trees, which often requires professional assistance to clear away. When searching for a storm cleanup company in Tampa, it’s essential to find the right guys to do the job. Look for a company that :

  • Are professional and adhere to strict safety guidelines and precautions

  • Use up to date techniques, and if possible, state of the art equipment

  • A trustworthy company with good reviews

Just because a tree isn’t leaning against your home, doesn’t mean you should hire any guy with a ladder and a chainsaw. Due to safety and liability issues, it’s better to go with a larger Tampa storm cleanup company whose staff is up to date on safety procedure and policy, and are who protected under their companies health insurance.

Finally, there are some preventative measures you can take to try and mitigate potential damage.

  • Don’t over water: Frequent watering, such as automatic lawn sprinklers, can cause a tree’s roots to grow shallowly instead of reaching deep into the ground in search of water. If this happens, the tree has nothing to anchor it to the earth. Most established trees require little to no watering by owner. If you are already on this kind of schedule; however, slowly reduce how often you water over the course of several months to a year, depending on the size of the tree.

  • Get your large trees a hurricane cut. Proper pruning by a storm cleanup company in Tampa can remove old or weak branches and reduce your trees wind drag during a storm to prevent limb breakage or uprooting!

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