Let’s be honest; the hot Tampa sun really makes us appreciate the shade our trees give us. They can become a welcomed oasis especially in the summer time. Without proper maintenance, it can be easy for that oasis to become a nightmare. It is important to know the signs for when it’s time from root pruning, trimming, or if necessary, removal.


Trimming your trees is probably one of the simplest tasks to be done to manage their safety and care, but it can be very dangerous to perform on your own. If the branch you are cutting falls in the wrong direction, it could cause serious harm to people or property surrounding it. Trimming is extremely important for the upkeep of your yard, but you should leave it to the professionals.


Root pruning can be a very dangerous process in Tampa. This is where the current roots are severed so the tree will not continue to grow in that direction. This may sound easy, but it isn’t, and it should not be taken lightly. If you attempt to perform root pruning without the proper equipment and training you could damage your house and property even further. You could need this service for a number of reasons, and some of them may not be the easiest to spot:

  • A bulge in your sidewalk or driveway. Roots are strong enough to push through concrete, and this could potentially cause a tripping hazard on your property.

  • Root growth is headed toward the foundation of your home. Roots can damage your home’s foundation or burst a pipeline.


The final option you can choose instead of performing pruning is tree removal. Usually it is preferred to attempt to preserve the tree but some circumstances call to get rid of it altogether. Tree removal should be saved for the experts!

Tree removal should be used as a last resort if trimming or pruning is not an option. Trees can add value to your home, and be a source of shade and relaxation, but if it isn’t safe it become a source of stress and a burden to the homeowner.


Root pruning and maintenance is a difficult business, so if you are in Tampa, call Payne’s Environmental. They are leaders when it comes to all tree services in Tampa. Their highly trained staff includes certified arborist that will always take care of the trees in your yard. For more information, call Payne’s Environmental today at 813.677.6822.

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