When I was a little girl, there was a tree in my home town nicknamed the “Donut Tree”. Over the years, the branches had grown so large that it engulfed the power line next to it. Rather than cut the whole thing down, the town decided to try pruning first. Unfortunately, by that point though, the tree had grown too large and it was impossible to prune just one side of the branches to free the power lines. So, the pruners trimmed the middle, causing a hole in the middle for the power lines to run through. Thus, the “Donut Tree” was born.

Happily, Tampa doesn’t have a “Donut Tree” of its own thanks to the hard working arborists at Payne’s Environmental. Their trained technicians have extensive experience with tree pruning. If you have any overhanging branches in your yard or perhaps it is simply outgrowing the space available then you should consider having your branches trimmed. Dead branches can fall at any time, especially during high winds and storms. Avoid having your loved ones and property injured or damaged by falling branches and remove dangerous branches today.

When hiring a tree pruning company in Tampa, it’s important to hire a reputable company. Payne’s only employs certified arborist to ensure that your branches are trimmed correctly. If not done properly, a tree can be susceptible to disease, rot and disfigurement. Don’t risk causing damage to your tree which could potentially spread the rot and disease to plants in the surrounding area. Our experts are here to get your yard looking exceptional again. Give us a call to schedule your next pruning in Tampa. 813-677-6822

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