From trimming and pruning to emergency cleanup and full root system removal, Payne’s Environmental Services is Tampa’s go-to tree company. Arboreal work is hard work, and it’s not for the do-it-yourselfer. For the most part, those broken or dead limbs 40 feet over the ground won’t come down without a fight. They’re heavy and dangerous, so you don’t want them falling on your roof, car, shed, or patio. Maybe you require the removal of a 100-foot-tall pine for aesthetic or safety reasons. Do you know where to start? Payne’s list of tree services is extensive, and they can safely and successfully handle any issue your yard presents.


June through November is hurricane season in Florida. For those homeowners new to Tampa, be advised that the winds can be vicious. When a tropical storm reaches a wind speed of 75 miles per hour, it’s officially a hurricane. The storms move in quickly from the Gulf of Mexico, and winds can blow as much as 150 mph in bursts. Floods from heavy rains can damage and destroy, and the damage to our neighborhoods is sometimes severe. Therefore, a tree services company is on constant alert during hurricane season. Downed limbs land in unfortunate places, and entire trunks even uproot and topple over. Consequently, power lines are pulled down and roads are blocked, meaning potential dangers are omnipresent. Payne’s storm cleanup and emergency services crews are available 24/7.


Although hurricanes can and do pass through the Tampa area, happily they don’t always do major damage. We’re have the priveledge of living in one of the most beautiful green areas of the state. Healthy trees continue to grow year-round, in all kinds of weather. Routine maintenance — keeping the branches pruned and in check — is one of Payne’s essential tree services. Maintenance not only keeps your yard from looking overgrown or drab, but it’s also good for the health of the tree itself. Also, Payne’s provides structural support for sick or damaged trees.

If you need tree services such as removal, Payne’s Environmental Services will consider any nearby plant life. How can the job be best completed without doing any damage to them? Company founder Terry Payne is an ISA-certified arborist, which means he understands the growth patterns of both indigenous and non-native species. His advice is backed up with years of experience, and his team, consequently, is the best in the Tampa area.

Call Payne’s Environmental Services for all your arboreal requirements at (813) 512-8656 or contact them today.

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