When considering tree pruning for your Tampa property, you may have a lot of questions. Payne’s Environmental is ready to give you the answers! Here are some of the most common questions you might have when it comes time to trim back your vegetation.

What time of year should I prune?

It’s best to prune at the end of winter just before the spring sprouts start to come in, around late February or early March. While diseases are still inactive from the winter, it is best to prune before they begin to grow again after the colder weather. Another important tip: never prune oaks between April and June. This is the time of year that oaks are susceptible to oak wilt disease transmission.

Why is it important to prune my vegetation?

Trimming your vegetation back can allow it to grow back stronger and healthier throughout the year. Tree pruning in Tampa also eliminates any possible dangers that come from low hanging branches or parts of the vegetation that could call off and cause damage. Cutting back also helps improve the aesthetics of your property. When you prune flowering trees, you may see more flowers appear when the plant is in season after pruning.

Why do I need a professional?

You may be thinking that you can do this yourself; however, it may be best to consider hiring an arborist. These certified professionals take into account different aspects such as the size of branches, any nearby power lines, and the safety aspects of tree pruning. At Payne’s Environmental Services, our professionals are trained, licensed and insured to handle all of your vegetation needs.

How often should I prune?

The answer to this question differs for different types of trees since it will depend on its location; if the branches hang close to your home, pruning more often may be necessary.

Pruning the vegetation around your Tampa property can improve your home and the life of your vegetation. Payne’s Environmental Services has been pruning different shapes and sizes of trees for years, and can handle your project. For professional tree pruning, call us today at (813) 677-6822

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