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December 3, 2018


Are you tired of low-hanging branches scratching your car as you pull into your driveway? Are those magnolia boughs starting to impede your view of your backyard? With professional tree trimming, you can take control of your Brandon property again! Overgrown branches can tarnish the look of your yard and can pose serious safety hazards for you and your loved ones. Do not delay pruning any longer— the next storm could take down larger branches and cause damage to your property.


Tree trimming service does more than improve the aesthetic appeal of your yard; it is also good for the branches and leaves. Here are three reasons to hire a professional arborist to help clean up your land:


Dead or low-hanging boughs can pose a safety threat. A strong gust of wind or an infamous Brandon storm could cause unstable branches to fall. If this happens, the best-case scenario would be that you have to clean up your yard after a storm. The worst-case scenario is that one of the branches falls on your home or your car!

Branches near power lines and electrical wires also pose a serious safety hazard. If you have noticed that limbs have started to grow close to your power source, give Payne’s Environmental a call right away. Our experts are trained to take down limbs safely and effectively without damaging or interfering with the surrounding environment. You do not want branches to take down electrical lines or cause power outages.


Trimming and pruning is a great way to maintain the health of your trees. Overgrown branches do not get as much sun exposure, which means they are not able to perform the correct amount of photosynthesis. By clipping away branches, you will increase air circulation and allow more sunlight to reach the leaves and branches, resulting in a healthier tree.


Do not let branches and leaves ruin the view of your yard. Large limbs can cause your trees to look overgrown and unkempt. It also helps prevent debris from falling during storms. This means you will have less cleaning up to do and can spend more time enjoying your backyard. With professional tree trimming in Brandon, your yard will look pristine and your views will be maintained.


It may seem easy to snip a few branches here and there, but without the proper training and equipment, you could seriously injure yourself or the plant. That is why it is best to leave it to the professionals. Before starting tree trimming services at your Brandon home, our experts will assess the plant’s health and environment. From there, we will create a plan to restore and maintain your tree’s health. If any branches or trunks have been damaged from a storm or has contracted an illness, our certified arborists will address the issues quickly and effectively.


At Payne’s, we take arboriculture seriously. We have committed ourselves to staying up-to-date on the latest practices and safety procedures to ensure our customers are getting the best service possible. That is why we are number one in advanced pruning and removal!

Our certified arborists are dedicated to maintaining the health and wellness of your plants. You can rest easy knowing that our experts will carefully plan and execute tree trimming to ensure the optimal health for your Brandon trees. In addition to trimming, we also offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Pruning

  • Land Clearing

  • Maintenance

  • Removal

  • Stump Grinding/Removal

If you are tired of looking at overgrown trees and want your yard looking pristine, give us a call today at 813-777-5894.

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