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December 3, 2018

Balancing between the need for tree trimming on your Tampa property, and wanting to ensure your foliage stays healthy and beautiful can make for a difficult juggling act.  You want to cut back the stray limbs and overgrown vegetation as soon as possible, especially if you’re afraid it might cause damage to your home, vehicles, or patio furniture, but you don’t want to harm the plant.


Unlike winter throughout much of the country, where snow is to be expected and the temperature drops below freezing for long periods at a time; winter time in Tampa is the perfect season for tree trimming.  Because the temperature fluctuations are so mild and rarely drop below 40oF here, only a few species of deciduous Florida plants– and some non-native ones– lose their leaves this time of year.  Any pruning you require should also be performed before spring comes around, when plants will begin to regrow from their period of winter, pseudo-dormancy.

But that’s not to say this general rule can encompass all species that might be on your property.  In Tampa, tree trimming works best when done from mid to late winter on dormant plants, but you should be careful not to have any plants pruned which are budding or fruiting.  This especially includes any species of citrus’ which fruit in winter; these should be pruned in mid spring, after fruiting has occurred but before they begin to flower.  Azaleas are another plant that should not be trimmed during this time since they bloom in late winter to early spring.

However, some species that are perfectly safe to prune in winter including:

  • Maples

  • Oaks

  • Fir trees

  • Pines

  • Palms

  • And many others

If you’re in need of a professional tree trimming services that can safely cut back stray branches on your property, while staying mindful of the overall health of the plants, then call Payne’s Environmental in Tampa today at 813-677-6822. Our trained arborists can assess your property to work out a plan that’s best for both you and your foliage.



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