As a child, I remember watching the movies on construction trucks. My favorite scene was always when there would be a building demolition. A man in a bright yellow hard had and an orange vest would count down from five and then press a button. Boom! The building would collapse at the explosion and then slowly make its way to the ground before turning into a giant dust cloud. For someone looking to do their own Tampa building demolition, it can seem like an easy task. How hard can it be to press a button and blow something up, right?

What they don’t show you on the kids video is before and after the demolition. Without the help of professionals like, Payne’s Environmental team of experts, Tampa building demolition can be a nightmare. Taking down a building requires attention to detail and knowledge of proper procedures and safety precautions. With understanding and following these procedures the risk of injury or damage to property decreases tenfold. Payne’s takes the pain out of getting rid of a building. Their experts will quickly and efficiently demolish anything while following all of the proper codes and regulations. And, they will do it with a clean job site! How many companies can do that?

Taking down a building is the easy part, it’s the cleaning up that’s the hard part! So to avoid all of the hassle of properly disposing of debris call Payne’s Environmental today! Our team will quickly eliminate all rubble from the old building. In no time you’ll have a fresh, clean plot of land to start your next construction project on! No other company does Tampa building demolition like Payne’s. Our friendly and professional staff is waiting to help you get rid of your building today!

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