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November 6, 2018

Owning a home in Florida means you own a little piece of tropical paradise. With lush green lawns and gorgeous trees to provide shade in the hot months, the Florida yard is often a picture of beauty. But owning a home in this tropical state also means your yard is subject to the trials presented by harsh weather. Lightening, strong storms, flooding, and hurricanes can cause damage to your lawn and your trees.

Those long limbs and rustling branches are generally associated with a nice breeze or much-needed shade, but they could pose a threat to your home, car, or yard if not properly managed. Calling in an emergency tree services company might be necessary from time to time, especially living in the Tampa area.

You might call in the experts for a variety of reasons, but here are some of the most frequent:


It’s no surprise that living in a tropical area means frequent, sometimes dangerous spring and summer storms. Strong winds and lightning are regular occurrences and usually harmless, though every now and then, a strong enough storm will come through and do some damage. These storms, hurricanes in particular, can bring down large branches or a whole tree in a yard causing quite the mess.

Hauling off the debris and taking care of the damage can be time-consuming and dangerous. The experts at emergency tree services can help with the cleanup and hauling process. They’ll know the ins and outs of Tampa’s brush sites and applicable laws.


Sometimes, you buy a house, and it is everything you want, with the exception of the large, unsightly leftover stump in the front yard. Stumps like this are an aesthetic nuisance, but they can also be dangerous and cause injury. And let’s face it; the stump was left there for a reason. Removal is quite difficult and requires more than just an axe and a little sweat equity.

Heavy machinery and proper tools are necessary. Though stumps may not seem like a reason to call in emergency tree services, Tampa companies that offer emergency assistance will have access to the tools and machines necessary for stump removal and grinding.


It is true that branches are removed for aesthetics and shape, but these are not the only reasons. Dead or damaged branches located directly above your home or driveway cause immediate danger to property and people. It is important to have these removed quickly, especially since a strong Tampa storm can mean compromising the branches further. To avoid property damage or worse, injury, calling in emergency tree services should be a priority.

Questions about other instances to call in the experts? Contact Payne’s Environmental Services today at 813-512-8656.



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