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November 4, 2018

Depending on where you are located in Tampa and the size and type of tree, you need to be prepared for tree removal. If the oak or pine is suffering from disease or has grown too large and is threatening the integrity of your home in the face of high winds, you need to eliminate the potentially hazardous threat before it has a chance to wreak havoc. This procedure is not as simple as pulling out roots and chopping down trunks, however. There are precautions and preparations you must consider in order to take down a tree in your yard safely and securely.


Observe the environment located within a radius that is a little wider than the plant is tall. If it stretches 20 feet high, check the 30-foot radius around the trunk. This will give you an idea of what surroundings may be affected if the entire trunk were to fall over. If you can, move cars, trailers, and other movable structures that are within the tree’s felling range.


Taking a tall magnolia or a stocky maple down in segments can make the tree removal process neater and safer for all involved in Tampa. Begin by trimming and chopping as many branches as possible that are easily reached without overextending your body or using a ladder.

Using the right equipment is an essential part of the tree removal process. Make sure that you have a chainsaw and handsaws as well as pruning shears for breaking up branches into smaller pieces. Keep safety equipment on hand, and use protective eye gear like goggles, wear gloves, and be aware of your surroundings. If available, have a partner assist you in case your hands are full or you need backup.


Whether you are incredibly busy with life in Tampa, you are concerned for the safety or yourself and others, or you have a particularly difficult task to take on, seeking out professional services for tree removal is an intelligent idea. Not only will Payne’s Environmental Services handle all of the grunt work for you, but they are trained, licensed, and insured to protect you from being liable for whatever nature decides to throw at them. Call them today at 813-512-8656 for the most efficient, professional services available in Tampa



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