If you live in a Tampa home, palm trees are likely a staple in your yard. Although they can be a nuisance, they deserve the same attention and care as the rest of the plants. From tree trimming to proper fertilization, here are some tips to follow to take proper care of your oaks and pines.


  • Watering: When you first plant something, you have to make sure that the soil in the spot you choose has good drainage and has a good soil/sand mix. Early on, the plant should be watered every day for a week, but be careful not to over-water or the leaves will turn brown and fall off. If the tips of the leaves start to turn brown and dry, that could mean that you have not watered the palm enough.

  • Fertilizer: Fertilizing helps plants in your Tampa yard grow stronger and faster with less of a chance for bugs and diseases. Use fertilizer during the warm months of the year without putting it within two feet of the truck of the tree. Putting it too close to the trunk is called fertilizer burn and it can lead to diseases and stunted growth.

  • Trimming and pruning: Tree trimming is essential for the healthy growth of a palm and any other types of foliage. Whenever branches start to die and wilt, they should be trimmed off so that whatever is causing them to die does not spread to the other parts. Dead or dying branches should also be pruned off so that they give the healthy branches the room to grow stronger and bigger.

  • Soil: Good soil is imperative for a palm’s roots to develop properly. Soil that holds enough water and provides ample drainage is the right type to plant in. Soils mixed with fertilizer are not good because of the high risk of fertilizer burn. Consult an arborist or environmental service expert to be recommended a specific type of soil.

If you need to consult a certified arborist about the plants on your Tampa property or if you would like to set up a consultation for your tree trimming needs, contact Payne’s Environmental Services or call at 813-512-8656.

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