Tree stumps aren’t pretty, but is that enough of a reason to remove them? Maybe aesthetics aren’t enough of a reason for you to call your local Tampa tree stump removal company, but there are a number of reasons that should indicate when to say when.

Answering yes to any of the following questions will tell you that the time is now.

  • Has it become hazardous? Children can get hurt when running and playing in the yard if there are large arbor remnants that can be tripped over, especially if they are hidden by taller grass, flowers, weeds, or other shrubbery. Remember, as a homeowner you are liable for anyone who is injured on your property.

  • Has it damaged lawn equipment? Decaying plants aren’t always easy to maneuver around, making it difficult to mow your lawn. Tree stump removal can keep you from breaking expensive lawn mowers.

  • Has it started to attract insects? Rotting vegetation attracts all kinds of wood-boring pests, such as termites, ants, and beetles. Unfortunately these pests don’t just set up camp in the old shrub, but instead they find their way into your Tampa home and can eat away at its foundation.

  • Has it killed other plants? A lot of homeowners don’t realize that decaying shrubbery often indicates plant disease, which can spread and infect the rest of your garden and landscape.

  • Has it limited your usable space? No matter how small or large your yard may be, anything that takes up usable space is a problem. You won’t be able to install a pool or patio with these pesky old plants in the way.

  • Has it lowered your property value? This is something you may not recognize on a day-to-day basis, but if you’re trying to sell your Tampa house and having problems, this could be the culprit. Avoiding tree stump removal and trying to leave it to the buyer to deal with isn’t a good idea and could be why your house is still on the market.


Instead of letting these eyesores cause problems on your property, call your trusted Tampa tree stump removal company. Payne’s Environmental can assess the stunted growth in your yard and decide whether hand digging, grinding, or chemicals are the best course of treatment to restoring your landscape.

Contact us today or call (813) 512-8656, and we’ll help wipe out the old vegetation plaguing your yard.

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