Tree care in Tampa is important to keeping your property looking beautiful and the value up. In order to keep them healthy and beautiful, you should utilize mulch, good watering habits and routine pruning and inspection. The mulch and watering can be handled by you but it is best for you to hire trained arborists to prune or trim back and inspect your trees. If you take good care of your trees, they continue to add a lifetime of beauty and other benefits.

Depending on the size of your tree, you want your mulch to circle it in a 3-10 foot diameter and be about 2-4 inches deep without directly touching the base. Mulch is very important part of tree care in Tampa, especially freshly planted trees. First of all, mulch creates an insulating buffer, damaging heat or cold is prevented from affecting the root system. Mulch helps keep roots moist by retaining moisture. Additionally, it prohibits root competition by keeping weeds out and helps fight soil compaction. It will even save you from accidentally causing any damage to the tree base of roots while mowing. Mulch is so much more than just adding a style or look to your property; it is an essential part of keeping your landscape healthy.

Watering should also be an important part of your tree care in Tampa. While we do get a lot of rain during the summer months, you cannot forget to make sure your tree is getting plenty of moisture outside of our rainy season. You also need to ensure you are not giving it too much water. Do not forget to adjust your automatic watering systems when you are receiving consistent rain. Too much water can be even more harmful to the roots of a tree, especially a tree that has been planted within the last 5 years. Too much moisture prevents oxygen from getting to the roots and promotes rot. If you keep your soil moist and avoid letting it become soggy, then your plants will be strong and vibrant.

When it comes to pruning and trimming, it is best for you to hire a professional trained in proper tree care in Tampa. Experienced arborists will know what does and does not need to be removed from a tree to promote healthy growth. You will also benefit from their knowledge of diseases and infestations that can quickly kill the assets of your property. As they prune and trim, these professionals know how to inspect and look for the signs of disease and pests. Routine inspection and pruning will keep your trees reaching for the sky.

To have a contractor with experience in Tampa tree services, call Payne’s environmental at (813) 677-6822.

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