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June 19, 2018


Tree pruning is more than just lobbing off dead branches. Trimming your branches will allow your Tampa property to not only look fresher, but for your plants to live longer and help them grow new healthy branches. Professionals will have the skills to keep your plants looking happy and healthy.





Having the right tools is essential to proper tree pruning. However, what you need is largely based on the size of the foliage and how many branches you’re attempting to remove from you Tampa backyard. Here are some potential tools to consider:


• Scissor cut sheers


• Loppers


• Pruning saw


• Pole saw


• Ladder


• Work gloves





Before you start cutting limbs take a second to scout out any potential safety hazards. It is always important to determine what you can handle and when to call in a professional arborist. Here are some safety guidelines to follow:


• Keep an eye out for branches that look unstable


• Never cut branches near telephone wires and if the limbs are near wires call a professional in Tampa


• Never work with your feet higher than 6ft off the ground


• Never use a chainsaw while on a ladder




There are four different types of tree pruning techniques that can be used to receive a different effect:


1. Pinching- In this step you don’t actually have to cut anything. Instead you do exactly what it sounds like. Take the terminal bud between your thumb and forefinger and simply pinch it off the branch.


2. Heading- This technique requires cutting just above the newly leafing bulb. This is done with hand-held pruners and assists branches in growing more densely.


3. Shearing- The process of shearing is usually done to make bushes more uniform and either square or rounded. Shearing trims a multitude of buds simultaneously which makes the tree grow more vastly and cause shearing to become a regular upkeep. It is advisable to shear trims with tiny leaves, so as to make the leaf damage less noticeable.


4. Thinning- This step reduces the overall heaviness and size of your foliage be removing larger branches and reducing the general bulk of the plant. Removing the larger stems and branches simultaneously removes lateral buds, which means you’re less likely to wind up with clusters of unwanted shoots.





When you are cutting a branch, it has no chance of growing back. That is why it is so important to call a professional arborist if you have any doubts about your technique. At Payne’s Environmental in Tampa, arborists and certified technicians perform all tree pruning services. They will make sure the job is done safely and with the health of your plants in mind. Call today for more information at 813-677-6822.

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