Trees are responsible for many property damage claims each year. Often, high winds in storms will cause dead limbs to break and fall from trees or, even worse, cause an unhealthy tree to completely fall. While you cannot control Mother Nature, there is something you can do to mitigate damage that may be caused by weather. Hiring a professionals to remove weak or sick trees will keep you and your neighbors from filing insurance claims for property damaged caused by fallen trees. Professional inspections and tree removals in Tampa are especially important because of the abundance of storms that develop quickly from the warm Gulf waters.

The liability concerns of trees do not end at your property line. You can be held liable for damage done to your neighbor’s property. Initially, your neighbors would file a claim for property damage with their own insurance company. However, if your neighbor’s insurance company believes they can prove you were negligent in maintaining the tree that caused damage, they will go after your insurance company for compensation. In the end, this could cause your insurance to raise the premiums on your policy. To avoid the possibility of being liable for damage done to your neighbor’s property you should hire a company offering professional inspection services and tree removal in Tampa.

Along with weather, many other environmental factors such as disease, aging, or pests can weaken and even kill trees. While some indicators of a weak tree are visually obvious, many cannot be easily identified. To mitigate any possible liability issues that may be caused by weakened trees, residents of the Tampa area should hire professionals such as Payne’s Environmental Services who are fully state certified, insured, and licensed for tree removal in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, and Valrico. Payne’s professional arborists will identify and manage the removal of weak trees. You may contact Payne’s Environmental Services at 813-512-8656.


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