Homeowners in Tampa take pride in their big fruit trees and other foliage that make our lawns green and shady. But big trees often come with the big task of pruning and trimming. Pruning underground, however, is just as important as pruning what you can see above. Without proper root removal, they can cause problems for your plants’ health, as well as cause hazards in your yard.


Roots are the life force of a plant, sucking in water, oxygen and minerals that it needs to survive. When they lie above the ground, they need to be kept safe from compaction, improper watering and stress otherwise they are susceptible to disease causing the whole beautiful tree to die. Instead a good trim will keep your plants healthy. There are two additional reason why you should keep up with your oaks’ needs:

  1. Keeping your yard attractive: Dead foliage and roots protruding from the ground and areas around large trees can ruin the look of a well groomed lawn in Tampa. Calling a root removal expert to remove them completely or grind them back can help improve the look of your yard and keep the ground level and smooth.

  2. Mind your safety: Roots that creep above dirt aren’t just unappealing; they can be risky for your yard and the people who use it. Adults doing gardening or mowing and children playing could trip over protrusions and injure themselves. They also tend to find their way towards sidewalks and driveways causing them to lift and crack. Removing ones that spread too far away from the tree base keeps your whole lawn safer for everyone.


When it’s time to act, call a root removal professional and have your yard evaluated. Before they begin digging up anywhere, an expert will make sure there aren’t any important pipes or cables that could possibly be disturbed. Often, the process can be completed without causing damage to your lawn and without disturbing the use for too long. You should not attempt to remove them yourself, as you could put yourself and your plants at risk.

If you have a yard that you would like evaluated call the Tampa root removal experts at Payne’s Environmental at 813-677-6822 for a free estimate on your yard work needs.

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