Because of the safety hazards they pose, and their unsightly appearance, when left with a tree stump, many Tampa homeowners will attempt to conduct a removal. And since DIY is so popular these days, instead of calling a tree stump removal company, they will instead attempt to do it on their own. Even with the right tools and necessary knowledge, this can be a difficult job to undertake, but if that doesn’t stop you, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Cut down as much of the stump as possible, so it is as close to the ground as it can be.

  2. Using a spade bit drill, drill a series of holes around the perimeter. These should be about 1 inch in diameter, and about 12 inches deep.

  3. Drill more holes about 4-5 inches down into the stump; these will go in from the trunk, at a 45 degree angle and connect to the original holes you made.

  4. While a tree stump removal company will have a specific tool to remove the stump or grind it down, at most Tampa home repair shops you can purchase a can of stump remover. This is a chemical that will cause it to rot, making it easier to remove.

Some DIY methods even suggest burning the stump with kerosene or fuel oil, then leaving it to smolder for about one week. This will essentially just leave a burnt hole in your yard.

If you aren’t interested in using dangerous chemicals on the plants around your home, looking at a rotting stump, or having a burning hole in your yard, call a professional tree services company instead. While we all love a good DIY project, some things should just be left to the professionals, especially when it involves the area outside your home.


Payne’s Environmental is the Tampa tree stump removal company you can trust to take care of your unsightly yard issues. With professional techniques and highly trained technicians, you can be sure that everything will be done in a correct, safe, and timely manner. For more information on how to get started, contact Payne’s Environmental today at (813) 512-8656.

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