Before construction begins on any project in Tampa, the land being worked on will need tree clearing services. You can’t build on top of a forest, so razing the ground for a level surface is essential. Payne’s Environmental Services is equipped to handle all amounts of brush and debris, and we can get your construction site prepped to build on with ease.


Overgrowth and debris are a hassle to deal with, especially when you just want to begin building. Pick-up and removal are big projects, so we will take out the debris for you so you can get to constructing as soon as possible. This process can be tedious and physically demanding, so having a professional service do it for you is incredibly productive and beneficial from an operational perspective.


The most important part of any pre-construction preparation, tree clearing removes all trunks, stumps, branches, and other parts that interfere with your construction. Some Tampa counties require specific types of permits to discard large portions of yard waste, and Payne’s is equipped to get rid of everything for you. This procedure is beneficial even if the trunks and branches don’t pose an immediate threat. Unremoved foliage can:

  • Overgrow in years to come

  • Produce roots and gnarls that are safety hazards

  • Interrupt future building growth

  • Cause issues with power lines, piping, wiring, and more

It’s best to do away with them before they have the chance to grow into a problem.


If the ground you’re working on has flora in place, it must be removed prior to any new construction. In Tampa, there are certain licenses and permits required when leveling vast areas of land, so instead of going through the hassle of acquiring those, Payne’s is fully-licensed and operational and ready to assist with your tree clearing needs.


Payne’s has been serving the Tampa area for many years and has all the necessary equipment, expertise, and experience to handle your tree clearing needs. We also offer removal, pruning, trimming, storm cleanup, and construction site services. Our certified arborist and highly-trained staff are available to assist you with both residential and commercial lots; we know it’s important to that both your office and your home look great! Call today to schedule a consultation at (813)-512-8656.

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