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March 20, 2018


Root pruning is essential in Tampa for growing, healthy trees. When done properly, it will allow your topiary to live and flourish for decades. Otherwise, the tree might suffer severe damage, significantly shorten its lifespan, or in some cases kill it. Correct care is therefore important, since they are responsible for gathering needed nutrients and water as well as holding it upright.


It’s trimming the underground structure of a tree and doing so allows for healthier and more controlled growth. Most root pruning in Tampa is done for one of two reasons:

  • Planting and Maintenance. Roots are either cut to form a healthy and appropriate sized root ball for planting or transport, or they will be removed if they are restricting water and nutrient flow to the plant.

  • Property Sidewalks and driveways can be cracked, and they can be removed when causing severe changes to the landscape.

The best time for pruning in Tampa depends on the type of tree and the age. Pruning slows down the growth of the branches and leaves, as the tree instead focuses energy searching the soil for new nutrient sources. It would be best to contact a local arborist to figure out when the optimal time to prune would be, so that it coincides with a peak growth cycle.


Improper root pruning can kill a tree, which typically happens when the largest tap roots, which help hold it upright and gather nutrients from the soil, are damaged or cut. If too much pruning happens, a tree may be unable to gather enough sustenance and eventually starve to death. Another danger occurs when cuts are made too close to the base of the trunk, which can cause instability and an increased chance of falling over in strong winds.

To get the best care for your personal forest, contact Payne’s Environmental Services in Tampa. They’re master arborists, and can be contacted them today at (813)-512-8656 for a consultation on what to do for all your tree care needs.

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