Tree maintenance is a complicated issue, and the difference between a healthy tree and a sick one is not always as cut and dry as one might think. Just because there are still green leaves on a limb does not mean it is healthy and strong enough to weather the next storm that rolls through the Tampa Bay area. Additionally, limbs that have been weakened or have grown too close to your home are an accident waiting to happen.

The term “tree maintenance” also applies to more than just cutting away diseased or dying branches. So what are some of the signs that your Tampa property might need professional help?

  1. Growing too close to your home: When a tree is growing too close to your home, not only does it stand to drop a limb, or fall onto your house, but its roots can also damage the foundation of your home. Walk the perimeter of your residence every few months to check for signs of root damage such as cracks on the outside walls.

  2. Root pruning: Plant roots can not only damage your home, but they can also buckle cement patios and driveways, raise sections of sidewalks, and create tripping hazards in the middle of the yard. Root pruning services by a trained arborist can help you remove these stubborn roots while maintaining the health and integrity of your oaks.

  3. Hurricane trimming: Very large foliage is susceptible to being pulled over in high winds. This is especially true for plants with a shallow root base, or that are overgrown with Spanish moss, which can create more resistance in the storm. If you haven’t received a hurricane trim, it’s a good idea to have a professional come out for an assessment before next season.

  4. Disease or damage: This is most noticeable by consistently falling branches, or areas that are bare of leaves. When a limb begins to die, it typically does so slowly, which often makes it difficult to tell there is a problem.

  5. Aesthetics – Tree maintenance can also mean that you would simply like to improve the look of your Tampa property by trimming some of those extraneous branches that are unappealing to you.

If you are in need of professional tree maintenance, you can call Payne’s Environmental of Tampa at 813.677.6822.

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