Is one of your palms getting too close to your Tampa property? Has the mangrove near the waterfront gotten out of control? Did you move into a house in Hillsborough County only to discover multiple stumps throughout the backyard? Whatever your circumstances, Payne’s Environmental offers tree services to match your needs.


Among our most sought-after utilities is trimming. Central Florida gets ample sunshine and has plenty of moisture, so shrubs and oaks will flourish without much effort. Palm fronds or hedgerows can get crowded and laurel oak branches can reach too close to your home. Regular trims promote health and can catch help you identify diseases before they spread because you have a tree services professional conducting regular inspections in Tampa.


To abide by the law, it’s crucial that you hire a certified arborist that is qualified to complete mangrove pruning. You might be frustrated because overgrowth is blocking your view of Tampa Bay; but by consulting with a certified professional, you can help preserve the fragile ecosystem that hosts essential organisms and animals.


Stumps can be easy to overlook because they’re not necessarily in the way, but this tree service is popular amongst our Bay customers. These unwanted eyesores pose a safety risk to people and machines alike. Your mower blade could get destroyed when you accidentally run over the Marlberry stump, or one of your grandchildren might trip while running toward you on your front lawn. Stumps are also undesirable because they make great homes for wood-boring insects like termites. In Central Florida, it is a bad idea to invite these bugs any closer to your home. With grinding and removal, you can eliminate all of these risks in Tampa!


Without regular trimming, your Gumbo Limbo can fast get out of hand. Certain branches might reach in unwanted directions, or the trunk might start to lean too far toward a structure. Whatever the case, you can get support through our tree services. Your American Hornbeam might need to be redirected with bolsters, and the young saplings you planted can grow as intended with the help of ropes and posts. Since very few in the Bay Area are certified arborists, it’s best to rely on the pros.


Do you have a dead River Birch on your property? Just like stumps, the trunk and branches will be inviting for insects and rodents. Removing the dead or diseased Sweetgum will diminish your need for pest control and rule out potential property damage caused by falling branches.


At Payne’s Environmental, we want to see your plants thrive! We are dedicated to helping you manage the Magnolias and palms on your property, whether you choose to conduct tree services like regular trimming, stump grinding or:

  • Storm clean-up

  • Disaster recovery

  • Land or lot clearing

  • Root removal

  • And more!

Instead of putting your flora at risk while braving the heat and humidity, call 813-512-8656 to schedule a consultation with one of our arborists in Tampa

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