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"I think that I should never see,” the poet Joyce Kilmer famously wrote in 1914, “a poem lovely as a tree.” Kilmer, Thoreau, Frost and others have extolled the aesthetic beauty of trees, and their importance in maintaining balance in our world; they didn’t, as a rule, come up with rhymes about trimming and pruning. These things may not be poetic, but when living in proximity to healthy, growing, blossoming trees, they’re essential. Among our many services, Payne’s Environmental provides expert tree trimming services. All the better to keep Tampa and surrounding communities in harmony with nature.

You don’t live in a South American rainforest! The foliage does not grow unchecked until branches, leaves, and vines are intertwined and form a thick canopy. In residential neighborhoods, it’s important to keep trees’ progress healthy but manageable. This means the use of scheduled tree trimming services from Payne’s Environmental. Making sure limbs aren’t actually touching your home is the best way to keep insects off the roof and out of the walls. We all know that Tampa, and all of Florida, has an endless and eager supply of bugs!

Payne’s Environmental and Essential Green Grooming

Thinning is another one of our essential tree trimming services. In our tropical climates, oak, pine, and other large, leafy trees grow quickly. Flowering trees, such as crape myrtle, oleander, and golden raintree, can develop massive, tangled crowns that make them top-heavy and unsightly. Whatever the species, trees in Tampa grow because the weather is near-perfect. Regular maintenance, particularly trimming and pruning for both aesthetics and the health of the tree itself, is paramount.

Here’s something else to think about: Using tree trimming services from Payne’s means no more out-of-control limbs, which means fewer leaves are falling in the yard. Which means less time with the rake for you, the homeowner!

Tree Trimming Services: Leave It to the Pros!

Then there’s the safety issue. Tree maintenance is not for amateurs! Our staff includes an arborist (tree expert) certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and a team of highly skilled professionals who use cherry-pickers and chainsaws every single day. They know what to do, from the tiniest shoots to the heaviest branches, and will get the job done quickly and safely.

Henry David Thoreau believed that trees were important factors in maintaining the health of body, mind, and spirit. In fact, he dedicated many pages of verse to them. Now, as in his time, and even if we look to trees just for the beauty (and shade) they bring to our busy world, we need to take care of them. So that they can continue to take care of us. Call Payne’s Environmental at 813-512-8656 to get started on maintaining your trees!

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