The DIY movement is increasingly popular, even as the economy stabilizes. Sure, there’s a feeling of accomplishment when you complete a task independently and being frugal can be invigorating. But DIY tree clearing is a more intensive undertaking than fixing a leaky sink in your Tampa home, so it’s important to recognize your limits in the projects you take on.

Dangers of DIY Tree Clearing

If you’ve recently purchased raw land in Tampa or have space on your existing property that is overgrown, you’re probably eager to start the process. The approach will vary based on which types of plants you want to remove, but every aspect of tree clearing is a major undertaking.


If you are unfamiliar with tools specific to tree clearing, the task could quickly become dangerous. Some of the supplies you need include basic tools, like hand saws and a chainsaw, as well as proper safety equipment. If you’re unfamiliar with operating a chainsaw, you will need to be trained. While you can rent a bulldozer, not many Tampa residents are experienced with working them properly.

Felling Trees

Felling is a key component of tree clearing, but it’s a risky undertaking. One incorrect cut can result in disaster. On raw land, a tree may not fall as you thought it would, and it can damage the bulldozer you rented. If you’re working on residential property, the timber may hit a roof or crush your fence. Whatever the case, you risk your personal safety, that of others, and your property. Cut out safety risks by hiring professionals to complete the job.

Stump Removal

Digging up a stump in Tampa is an intensive project, which will take a lot of time and energy. If you’re not accustomed to lengthy sessions in the weight room or endurance isn’t your strong suit, do not attempt to do this yourself. Chemicals used to promote decomposition are harmful to the environment, as well as your pets and children. If you attempt to remove it by chaining the stump to your vehicle, get ready for a one-sided tug-of-war. The vast infrastructure of roots has cemented the base into the ground. If you do succeed in removing it with this method, you can count on damage to your vehicle and property.

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