One major way that people damage their yards in Tampa is through improper root pruning. Roots have been known to cause property damage as they rip apart lawns and create cracks in sidewalks and driveways. However, improper cutting and removal can kill the trees in your yard. Understanding how they grow can go a long way in cultivating a healthy yard.


The roots of a tree grow out from the base of the radially within the first foot below the surface, with most growth occurring in the first few inches of the soil. These underground ‘anchors’ are essential in gathering water and nutrients that your topiary needs to thrive in Tampa. As root pruning will destroy these channels, it is very important to cut a minimal amount. Depending on the type of tree, the underground system may also contain a few major anchors. These help hold the tree in the ground in addition to absorbing most of the nutrients in the surrounding soil. Damaging these could cause the tree to die from malnutrition or even fall over in strong storm winds. If you’re unsure with how to proceed, contact a professional arborist for help. The advice they can offer will help you avoid a lot of headaches and stress later on.


When doing gardening or installing anything under your yard, it’s important to know where your tree roots are and how to correctly remove them. Contact Payne’s Environmental Services in Tampa for the highest quality tree care and root pruning in Hillsborough county. Payne’s has been serving the Bay area for years and has a professional team that is also experienced in stump grinding and removal, storm cleanup, disaster recovery, and many other aspects of arbor maintenance. Whatever your yard needs may be, Payne’s Environmental will know the perfect solution and way to go about it. Call them at 813-512-8656 and schedule a consultation for your yard or visit their website to see all of the ways they can help you today.

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