We all know how to chop down a tree, at least in theory; but what cartoons and movies don’t show us; is the stump removal part of the process. Usually, the tree is dragged away by the lumberjack, leaving a stub darting out of the ground. That’s okay in the forest, but in the front yard of your Brandon home, stump removal is necessary.

There are a number of different ways to remove a tree stump. Some processes require heavy machinery, chemicals, and even the use of fire,


If it’s a smaller tree trunk, you may be able to pull it out by hand. The key to doing the job right is using the proper tools. In this case, you would need a limbing saw or chainsaw, a pick mattock, a shovel, a digging bar, and an ax.

Not everyone in the Tampa Bay area has these tools on hand, nor do they know how to use them properly. Without training and experience, you could injure yourself while trying to complete the task on your own. Professional services promise your safety, which is a better investment than tools you may never use again.


Before attempting to pull the trunk out of the ground in your Brandon yard, it’s best to clean it up. To do this, use either a chainsaw or limbing saw to cut any branches along the bottom part of the trunk. The stub should be tall enough for leverage, if it’s too short stump removal will be easier if you hire professional services.


The roots of a tree hold it in place. They weave into the ground to allow it to stand firm which means that the bigger the tree is, the more complicated its root system tends to be. It most cases pulling the roots is too difficult a task to attempt so the goal in stump removal is to find and chop through them in order to free the trunk.

Use a shovel, a pick mattock, and a digging bar to get the dirt away from the stump in order to reveal the roots. Once you clean out as much dirt as possible, use a hose, or pressure washer to spray around the nib to expose even more roots. It’s easier to cut through them when they are not surrounded by dirt and once you have revealed the rooting system,


Chop through the visible roots using an ax, and then start pushing and pulling the trunk. Continue to cut the new roots that come into view as you yank the trunk. Keep pushing and pulling the stub until you pull it out of your Brandon property lawn.

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