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November 21, 2017


If your home or office in Tampa has trees, that means you also have roots. Whether they’ve grown to a large, protruding size or your small oak is growing precariously close to the foundation of your home, it is important to address any potential issues they may cause. They can cause severe foundational damage to buildings, create a tripping hazard, and make the landscape unattractive. With the help of a root removal company, you can remove these nuisances with ease.


These unseen enemies pose a hazard for many reasons. In places like Tampa, they have been known to:

  • Strangle other plants and trees nearby

  • House unwanted insects and animals

  • Uproot concrete, including sidewalks and building foundations

  • Harbor infection and rot, creating an unhealthy atmosphere for other plant life

There are many reasons why they are unwanted, and a certified root removal company can eliminate the hazard they pose with a few simple steps.


A root removal company can do more than just remove them from your home or office in Tampa. They can also educate you about health, keeping stumps and rooting under control, and more. On the job, the technicians will remove them in one of a few ways. They will either:

  • Grind them down, cover them with soil, and replant grass seeds on top to level the lawn

  • Cut them out to reach a manageable level

  • Completely uproot and remove the entire plant

Depending on whether or not you want to save the tree whose roots are in question, your professionals may perform a variety of these methods to safely and effectively extract them. To prepare, you will need to identify exactly where the issue is and what your desires for the project are. Do you want to completely level the ground near an oak in your backyard? Is a pine threatening to crack the foundation of your office building at work? Do you want to save it or are you okay with having it removed entirely? Prepare for questions like these and more, by consulting with professionals.


When you need an experienced root removal company in Tampa, call Payne’s Environmental Services. We have been working with all aspects of trees, stumps, branches, and more for many years, and can easily help you with your problem. We’ve got the equipment and supplies to make the process easy and effective. Find out more about how our experts can assist you with your environmental needs, and utilize the education and prowess of our certified arborist and horticulturists on staff.

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