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August 1, 2017

No matter if you just upgraded from an apartment to a house with a yard, or if you are a longtime homeowner looking to spruce up your backyard, there is one easy way to achieve the perfect backyard: tree services. Here in Tampa, we are lucky enough to enjoy being surrounded by plenty of tall, beautiful oaks, pines, and palm trees. However, when they aren’t taken care of, your backyard can easily degrade from an oasis into a jungle.



These quick and simple tree services will help keep your Tampa yard looking natural, beautiful, and controlled, all year round:

  1.  Your car gets it; your air conditioner gets it; so why not the trees? Branches can quickly become unruly, growing in all different directions. A professional arborist will be able to rein them in, while still allowing them to grow. Regular maintenance will ensure that all loose or unstable branches are removed.

  2.  While this will sometimes fall under the maintenance category, trimming can help with more than the aesthetics. If that oak tree is beginning to grow a little too close to your Tampa home, instead of removing it, a professional will be able to accurately trim the branches in a way that will encourage them to grow a different direction. It is important to have a professional perform any tree services you may need, since once a branch is removed, it will not grow back. You don’t want to risk damaging a tree by doing it yourself.

  3.  While removal is the last resort, sometimes it is necessary. A dead or dying pine is not a pretty sight, and it can actually negatively affect all of the plants around it. Keep your backyard healthy and beautiful by having it removed before you have a property of diseased plants.


These three tree services may seem simple enough, but without a professional, you could end up doing more harm than good. If your goal is to have to prettiest yard on the block, trust Payne’s Environmental of Tampa. They have trained arborists on staff to ensure the health of the plants is a top priority. With their assistance, you can rest assured your yard will be healthy, beautiful, and bursting with life!


For more information, contact Payne’s Environmental or call at 813-512-8656.

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