Are the palms on your property looking drab? Do you have overcrowded mangroves along the Bay? Whatever your needs in Tampa, our certified arborists can assist you! Payne’s Environmental offers so many tree services that you may not know which one to start with. Even if you do know, it can be difficult to remember to complete the chore if life picks up.


Routine maintenance keeps maples and palms alike in ship-shape, so make sure you prioritize pruning. While the task seems simple enough, many that plan to DIY lose track of trimming. You skip a week because it was too rainy or, perhaps, you took on additional projects at work. Whatever the case, you’re likely to keep putting it off, which leads to overcrowding. This congestion keeps things from growing properly, and dead limbs are inviting to pests. Avoid unwanted accumulation in Tampa by hiring professionals.


One of our specialized tree services is mangrove pruning. These plants are protected by Florida Law because they are vital to the Bay’s ecosystem. Don’t chance a quick snip on your own, because DIY is illegal without an arborist’s certification. Let Payne’s Environmental tackle the task while enhancing your waterfront view.


While it would be ideal if plants always grew correctly, that isn’t always the case in Tampa. Braces and cables reinforce the structure of limbs, trunks, and more, so we use them to correct a structural defect, like:

  • Excessive leaning

  • Evident root exposure

  • Soil movement or mounding below the trunk

  • One branch is out of proportion with the rest of the crown

  • Multiple defects close together

Not all flaws are above ground, so it’s best to schedule a consultation for tree services if you’re concerned about one of the Nickerbeans or palms on your Tampa property.


At Payne’s Environmental, we go to great lengths to preserve plant life, but some situations call for complete removal. Whether the Trident maple on your front lawn died long ago or the cherry laurel out back is beyond help, our crew can assess the situation and remove it if necessary. Dying or dead trees are a safety risk, so eliminate them from your Tampa property immediately.


You may have moved onto a property with several stumps or, perhaps, you had to schedule an extrication recently. Either way, you need to do something about that stump. Not only are they hazardous to safety but they also attract termites and other unwanted insects. That should be more than enough motivation to pursue this tree service!


However interesting in appearance, roots can be a safety hazard, as well as an indication that something is wrong with your Sparkleberry. Does the soil heave around the base of the trunk or has the sidewalk started to buckle? Are there fungi at the base of the trunk? Do they appear to be producing decay? How about the bark— is it peeling, chipping or cracking? If you live in the Bay area and answered yes to one or more of these questions, get this tree service.


If you’re unsure about what your Bay property could benefit from, contact Payne’s Environmental to schedule a consultation. One of our certified arborists will conduct an inspection and let y

ou know what’s needed to keep your plants healthy. Beyond our variety of tree services, we also offer:

  • Lot clearing

  • Land clearing

  • Storm clean-up

  • Disaster recovery

  • Emergency assistance

Call 813-512-8656 today to preserve the living organisms on your lawn in Tampa!

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