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August 8, 2017

Much of your Tampa home’s value depends on curb appeal, which is why it is so important to perform routine tree maintenance. Trimming, pruning, and removing shrubbery can enhance your landscape’s health, structural soundness, appearance, and safety.



While trimming and pruning are the most common methods for arbor preservation, they are not your only tree maintenance options.

  • Tree support—Cabling is a great way to ensure the safety of your home or business. Tampa’s infamous hurricane season can bring dangerous winds that could knock over unstable palms and damage your property. By securing the surrounding plants with the proper support system, you prevent hazardous movement and reinforce the structure of the plant.

  • Root removal—Overgrown roots can not only become an eyesore, but they can also become dangerous. Roots can cause cracks in sidewalks and driveways, or they can raise and damage grassy areas and other landscape. Removing unkempt roots can help make your property a safer place.

  • Stump removal—Just like overgrown roots, stumps can be unsightly and dangerous. They take up valuable space on your property and can damage lawn mowers or cars if hidden by grass, weeds, or other shrubbery. There are a few different methods of stump removal, but all aim to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal and safety.


When it comes to proper tree maintenance, a lot of people struggle to understand the difference between pruning and trimming, but there is a clear distinction.

The goal when trimming is to shape and design vegetation to improve your Tampa home’s curb appeal. Trimming is not as expensive as pruning and is more mechanical, as it focuses on a shrub’s geometrics.

Pruning is more expensive and requires proper training as it involves removing dead, diseased, or damaged limbs. The purpose of pruning is to promote healthy, safe growth.



Although most basic tree maintenance can be done at any time of the year to prevent disease from spreading, working on plants before spring will maximize health and growth.

Larger pruning and trimming jobs should take place during the dormant season before spring begins. Unless a safety hazard or a hazard to the plant’s health exists, avoid making any major cuts during Tampa’s hot summer months, as this is when plants experience the most growth, and any additional stress will have a negative impact.



Payne’s Environmental Services of Tampa will perform top-notch tree maintenance to keep your landscape looking beautiful year-round. We have certified arborists on our team who can best assess your landscape needs and fulfill them to your satisfaction. Contact us today or call us at 813-512-8656 for more information.



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