Did you know that goats are used as a way to clear land and unwanted brush? Their diet makes them an ideal animal for clearing. They can be used before tree removal to reduce brush and weeds and after as a way to remove the leftover debris. Not only do goats eat young saplings but they also stamp out unwanted weeds with their hooves. Can you imagine a herd of goats wandering around your land eating everything? While they may not the most practical or time effective way to clear land in Brandon, it is fun to think about! Clearing land can be a daunting task, especially in Brandon where palm trees and overgrown brush rule the land. The physical labor of clearing even the smallest patches of la


WHY YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL ROOT PRUNING Let’s be honest; the hot Tampa sun really makes us appreciate the shade our trees give us. They can become a welcomed oasis especially in the summer time. Without proper maintenance, it can be easy for that oasis to become a nightmare. It is important to know the signs for when it’s time from root pruning, trimming, or if necessary, removal. TRIMMING Trimming your trees is probably one of the simplest tasks to be done to manage their safety and care, but it can be very dangerous to perform on your own. If the branch you are cutting falls in the wrong direction, it could cause serious harm to people or property surrounding it. Trimming is extremely impor


Are you sick of tree branches blocking out the sunlight or stars in your backyard? Has your tree been looking a little too bushy these days? Or perhaps you’ve got a few dead branches that need to come down before the neighborhoods kids decide to climb the wrong branch! Don’t wait until it’s too late and a branch falls on your roof or car. Avoid the potential for injury and damage to property and call Payne’s Environmental for tree trimming in Brandon. If you hire any other company you’ll realize that you barked up the wrong tree. Tree trimming is a fantastic service that can restore any tree and bring it back to its glory days as a young sapling. I’m not going to say that our certified arbo


TREE PRUNING SERVICES: THE SECRET TO A HEALTHY YARD Tampa has a lot of lush and exotic arbor that are in need of tree pruning services for optimal growth. If you are a condo or homeowner, you may not be entirely comfortable in doing the pruning yourself, and that’s okay! The professionals at Payne’s can help you with this work, so you don’t have to go it alone. WHEN TO LOOK AT GETTING A TRIM Like many things in life, timing is everything. This truth applies to the Camphor and Elms in your backyard. If you are considering hiring tree pruning services, the professionals will know the best time of year to trim, which is usually between fall and winter. As much as folks in Tampa might long for w

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