Building a new business or home can get messy, but with Payne’s Environmental’s construction site services in Clearwater, they can clear out the mess in no time. New business owners may have a vision in their head that doesn’t match up with the building they have to work in. Instead of working with a building you’re not happy with, allow Payne’s Environmental Services to knock it down for you. Payne’s is Tampa’s best demolition company and an get the job done flawlessly. After they’ve destroyed that building you never liked, they’ll clean up the mess. Once it’s gone, you can start building something you can be proud to start a business in. Payne’s construction site services in Clearwater doe


Tree pruning is more than just lobbing off dead branches. Trimming your branches will allow your Tampa property to not only look fresher, but for your plants to live longer and help them grow new healthy branches. Professionals will have the skills to keep your plants looking happy and healthy. THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB Having the right tools is essential to proper tree pruning. However, what you need is largely based on the size of the foliage and how many branches you’re attempting to remove from you Tampa backyard. Here are some potential tools to consider: • Scissor cut sheers • Loppers • Pruning saw • Pole saw • Ladder • Work gloves PRECAUTIONARY PRUNING Before you start cutting limbs


Trees are responsible for many property damage claims each year. Often, high winds in storms will cause dead limbs to break and fall from trees or, even worse, cause an unhealthy tree to completely fall. While you cannot control Mother Nature, there is something you can do to mitigate damage that may be caused by weather. Hiring a professionals to remove weak or sick trees will keep you and your neighbors from filing insurance claims for property damaged caused by fallen trees. Professional inspections and tree removals in Tampa are especially important because of the abundance of storms that develop quickly from the warm Gulf waters. The liability concerns of trees do not end at your proper


Homeowners in Tampa take pride in their big fruit trees and other foliage that make our lawns green and shady. But big trees often come with the big task of pruning and trimming. Pruning underground, however, is just as important as pruning what you can see above. Without proper root removal, they can cause problems for your plants’ health, as well as cause hazards in your yard. WHAT ARE ROOTS FOR? Roots are the life force of a plant, sucking in water, oxygen and minerals that it needs to survive. When they lie above the ground, they need to be kept safe from compaction, improper watering and stress otherwise they are susceptible to disease causing the whole beautiful tree to die. Instead a

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